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Absolutely Barking is Doncaster’s premiere local dog grooming studio. We provide a wide range of dog grooming services including hair cutting, nail clipping and more. We’re a professional dog grooming salon specialising in small and medium dogs and everything in between. Based locally in Armthorpe Doncaster, we provide the best quality dog groomers services and all at a competitive prices. 


We’re a family run business in Doncaster professional dog grooming stylists with 20 years experience and it goes without saying we are avid animal lovers too. Our open plan dog grooming studio in Armthorpe caters for small and medium dogs of any type.

At Absolutely Barking Doncaster we focus on quality and aim to provide a level of care you can’t find anywhere else. Quantity is not our goal, which is why we only invite a limited number of clients each day to receive our 1-1 specialist dog grooming sessions. Every part of the grooming session is undertaken by our professional experienced dog groomers,

to ensure the best quality service you and your dog will experience.


Please contact us and we will help book you in the next available slot.


A visit to Absolutely Barking is like no other. As we focus on excellent customer service and quality. We like to give our clients the opportunity to meet with one of our professional dog groomers to discuss how your dog is to be groomed. This means we can choose the right haircut to keep your dog comfortable and happy. Our open plan design gives clients the piece of mind that their dogs are in full sight during the styling process. 

We are proud to use the latest in dog salon technology with our hydro therapeutic massage bathing system. This dog bathing system provides a hydrocombing action that will gently massage and stimulate the skin of your dog. It both provides an effective cleaning solution and a therapeutic water massage which your dog will love. This kind of technology has been found to aid blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and even help dogs suffering from arthritis.

Here at Absolutely Barking we fluff dry your dogs by using state of the art stand dryers, to ensure the safest kindest way to dry your dogs coat to perfection. Rest assured we DO NOT use box dryer's to fluff dry your dog.

Why choose Absolutely Barking


  • We’re all about providing the highest quality service and industry leading customer service. We invite a limited number of clients each day to ensure we can provide as much care and attention as possible to each dog without rushing anyone.

  • We have over 20 years of experience in dog grooming industry in Doncaster and as dog owners ourselves, you can be sure we’re the best at what we do.

Absolutely Barking salon frontage Armthorpe
Dog Grooming Reception counter
Absolutely Barking Salon floor
Absolutely Barking Studio inside
Dog Grooming Cologne.
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